Daycare Curriculum

Our school takes a creative and individualized approach to each child’s education.  Therefore, each teacher develops a curriculum program for each child at their individual developmental level. Our school holds to the following overall curriculum goals for each child.

Understanding God’s unconditional love for him or her, knowing God places great value on each person and their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, apply biblical principles in everyday life, exposure to the Bible, opportunity to express thankfulness to and love for God.

Self expression, exploring and experiencing different media, appreciation for art and enjoyment.

Vocabulary building, expression of ideas, giving and taking directions, speech development and communication.

Exposure to a variety of literary forms, awareness of the function of literature, enjoyment and enrichment and communication.

Exposure to different forms of music, different ways to make music, enjoyment of singing and rhythms and creating their own music.

Large and small muscle coordination, balance and control.

Desire and need to read, visual and auditory discrimination, left to right, top to bottom, letter and word recognition, letter to sound correspondence and communication.

Awareness of steps, classification, observation, recording, predicting, questioning, describing, comparisons and generalizations, awareness of the natural environment and concern for the environment.

Healthy attitude toward self, relationship to adults and other children, recognition and expression of emotions, serving others, roles and attributes of people.