Daycare Testimonials

What parents say about Parkside Christian Daycare is very important to us, check out some of our great testimonials.

Our parents are at the heart of our school. Providing your children with exceptional child care and education is our goal and they have had some great things to say about us, but don’t take our word for it!

“I love this center. I found out about it through a referral from a friend who chose Parkside also. Parkside stays full to the top without any advertising due to high quality care. I did a lot of looking and investigating and chose Parkside for its excellent reputation, loving staff and a very cozy atmosphere. The center is very clean and safe and has nice new play equipment and instructional materials. I love the seasonal programs and they have open houses throughout the year so you can meet other parents and get to know the kids your child plays with. Parkside has added a number pad security system that only parents can access which is a great peace of mind for me. I love the location and the fenced and shaded playground. All in all I am very happy- never worry about my children during the day. I have referred several people who are also very happy. The only con is a waiting list- tour and get on the list asap- it moves at an OK pace- thanks”

“I had a very hard time choosing a childcare provider in the Camas area. All of the centers I looked at were dirty, understaffed, unorganized and not one center had a properly funded educational program. When I looked at a nearby daycare (in Washougal) the attendant talked to me for about 15 minutes while leaving several children strapped into seats at a table and not one of those babies (it was the infant room!!) had any food or toys in front of them and at least one had a poopy diaper. I left that center thinking “I can’t do this, how am I supposed to go to work and leave my kids in a place like this?!” When I looked at Parkside I was hopeful, but nervous to hear of the rates as it was absolutely the cleanest center I have seen. When I discovered that for just $615** per month my son could attend this beautiful, well staffed, educationally focused, local, newly remodeled center, we were excited! We love it at Parkside. The teachers all know the kids and what they are into, what they need to be learning, etc. They are open, honest, somewhat strict, and consistant; exactly what our son needs. My son comes home every day with some new thing he has made, learned, discovered, or discussed with his teachers at daycare. At Christmas we were amazed to hear him tell us “Mom, my favorite teacher said she loves all the kids with her WHOLE heart. Not just a little bit of her heart, Mom but ALL OF IT!” Just one small example of the great things we have heard about Parkside from who matters most – the kids. The kids are happy at drop off and pick up. Also, there are great family events that Parkside puts on for all of the families including a weekly dinner that all families are invited to. We love Parkside Christian Daycare Center.”

“I love this place!! My children go here and the staff is very loving and caring. I trust them completely and would recommend this daycare to anyone!!”

**$615/month was the rate at the time that this statement was made.