Bill Holbert, Elder

Bill Holbert


Bill was born 1944 in Philadelphia PA. Grew up in Oregon and has lived in California, New York, Oregon, and Washington. He studied business in college. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Portland State University.

Bill enjoys Pastor Darryl and his grace. He loves serving Parkside by being part of the leadership team. He considers eldership a blessing and loves and respects the other elders. He also appreciates that the church body is quick to volunteer for many efforts.

Bill received Christ in 1957 and was baptized then as well. He married Anne on April 27th, 1974. He had a successful business from 1978 until 1997. Bill and Anne’s daughters are Laurie Perrone and Lindy Logan. They are married to James Perrone, and Mike Logan. Bill and Anne’s grandchildren from Laurie and James are Phoebe, Asher, and Keenen. Their grandchildren from Mike and Lindy are Natalie, William, and Henry.